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Some Small Business Ideas That One Can Start With Low Investment


Looking to start a new business but don’t want to invest too much money? It is not unusual to see people opting for small businesses over conventional ones since they have less overhead. And it can be done right at home.

People are always looking for ways to make money and start businesses without much investment. If a competitor is already fighting for similar customers, it might be better not to enter the market. One of my friends started a cloth business and he said that targeting an audience is the most difficult thing.

Many choices are available for people looking to break into the entrepreneurial world. Here is a compiled list of small business ideas that one can start with low investment. Let’s look at some of the best ones.

Online Services Business

There are many available service providers in the market, so setting up an online services business will be no easy task. But if you got a good plan and proper execution skills, you’ll be on your way to success. Many think it is the best way to make money online, and these days, who doesn’t?

The main idea of an online business is to be flexible in providing services. One can start an online web design business or a website design service. Some other best online service businesses are:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Business coaching
  • Social media consultant

Cleaning Business

Another popular small business idea is that one can start with a low investment. It involves cleaning offices and various other places such as hotel rooms and homes of many people. Some other relatively cleaning services are:

  • Showroom cleaning
  • Rental cleaning
  • Pool cleaning

Bakery Business

This is one of the most popular small business ideas that one can start with low investment. If you have the right resources and know-how, you can start a bakery business. This is perfect for a person who loves to bake cakes and pastries.

He needs to have all the equipment he said or wants since it will come at a much higher price than some other small businesses. The equipment includes ovens, mixers, dough sheeter ad proofers, small wares, bread slicers and many more. Some types of bakery businesses are:

  • Wholesale bakeries
  • Home bakeries.
  • Counter service bakeries
  • Bakery cafes
  • Food truck bakeries

Health and Fitness Business

People are always looking for ways to keep themselves physically fit and healthy, which is why they search for different health and fitness ideas. There are several gym franchise outlets that one can consider opening up in his area.

Because its capital market that’s growing fast, especially among young people. Also, one can set up a health club franchise for those who love to stay fit and healthy by following the trend. Yoga centres and gyms are great options to enter the market if you are interested in the fitness business.

All the business ideas mentioned above are profitable and can be started with a low budget. However, one can be successful if one strives to produce a quality service or product at a good price.

Heyo, I am Riley Davies. I am MRA(Marketing Research Analyst) by profession. I pitch dozens of clients regularly. I am here to share some of my ideas here in this platform

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